Tips on How to Win Real Money at NetEnt Casinos

Are you cooped in the house and have the urge for the premium casino experience? At NetEnt, there are a wide variety of casino games which you can reap benefits from. Read through our tips on how to navigate the online casino scene at 1netentcasino and pull off a substantial win at the online casino.


Making Use of No Deposit Bonus

What is the no deposit bonus? It is basically free money which the casino offers you to get you to join their casino. When signing up to the casino, you get the bonus money credited to your account. With the bonus money, you can try your luck with the wide variety of games from the NetEnt casinos at .

For example, when you get a no deposit bonus of 10 Euros, you can use it to try your luck with the slot machines. However, when you pull off a substantial winning with the no deposit bonus money, you will have to make a deposit to the casino before you can withdraw all your winnings.

Understand Your Slot Machines

When you have a preferred casino in your site, the next step is understanding the available slot machines. Slot machines are different from one another in terms of themes, graphics, symbols and most importantly the payout percentages. By trying the free version, you get a deeper understanding of how the slot machines works in terms of payouts.

When selecting your slot machines, you should target ones with a higher payout percentages. In case you encounter a loosing streak with a particular slot machine, it is wise to move on to another slot machine to try out your luck. Slot games are purely based on your luck and not dependent on the strategy.

Making Use of Return to Player

During the selection process for the slot machine, you should look into the return to player percentage. This refers to the proportion the casino will pay to you after finishing all the rounds. The Return to Player is a result of calculations using mathematical formulas and feeds into your game style at the casino.

You should therefore check the high paying slot machines that guarantee high payout percentages when it comes to your winnings. Most of the profitable slot machines have a return to player rate of above 96%. The flip side of the return to player rates is what makes up the house edge for the online casino.

What About Free Spins?

Many players downplay the importance of free spins as a strategical approach of increasing your chances of winning at the online casino. With the free spins, it is part of the strategy by the casinos to ensure you stick around the casinos to wager your money on the slot machines thus more profits.

Free spins are a great strategy to taste the waters of the gaming atmosphere before proceeding to wager with your real money. Use the free spins in a manner that makes you understand how the slot machines work. Learn how to place your bets with the free spins and win without spending a dime.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

It is important to be practical with your approach for the slot machines. Sometimes, you might blame on your luck as part of your losing streak, but it could be on a high power. Some slots just do not pay that often despite the Random Number Generator that ensures random outcomes when spinning the reels.

Before placing your stakes on a particular slot game, it is important to note the feelings of other player about the game. This is especially very practical when it comes to video slots. In case a slot does not pay out, most players will be quick to call it out. Therefore, do not only rely on your luck.